Friday, January 19, 2007

10 Reason Why I Knit

1. It keeps me from snacking during movies. Not many people enjoy a hand knit scarf with orange flakes of Cheeto goodness knit into it.

2. Knitting is a great ice-breaker in public places - especially where teenager boys hang out. "Dude my grandma used to knit!! heehehe..." while they're slugging their buddies around. "Hey, is that a beanie you're knitting? That's actually pretty cool! I'll give you $5 for it!" With a funny smile and a decrepit voice I say, "Sure, Sonny."

3. It keeps my reading skills sharp! Yes, I am fascinated with reading the next new knitting book. Quite often you can find me at the local Barnes and Noble surround by stacks of knitting books and a Carmel Macchiato.

4. I always have a gift for that distant third cousin or to take to a baby shower for someone I barely know. "OMG! You knit this?? By hand?? How thoughtful!" (Don't get me wrong...I do put thought into my pieces, but sometimes you just need that emergency gift!)

5. It keeps my baby hunger at bay. I just know that when my husband of only 3 months and I have kids I'll be wanting to knit up a storm of hand knit items for my babes. But how many booties, hats, and sweaters do I really wanna knit only to have them wear it for a few week cuz they grow so darn fast or have that lovely eyelet sweater covered in baby barf? Whew, that will be an adventure to deal with later. For now my friends, whom have all received those hand knit items from me, can deal with it.

6. I'm never bored. I always have at least 3 projects going all at once. Yep. I've been working on that darn baby blanket for my friend Heidi for oh... about, how old is her son now?? Yeah, about 2 years.

7. It's therapy. I learned to knit during a time in my life where everything was out of control. Knitting brought that balance to me. I had one thing to control- a ball of yarn with two sticks.

8. I have a good excuse to get a digital camera. I've knitted and given away most of my favorite pieces and have nothing to show for it. Guess what I'm getting for my birthday this year?

9. There's nothing like the feeling of conquering a complicated sock pattern and them actually fitting perfectly! Or seeing your friend from across the room wearing the scarf you knitted for them last year.

10. I have a reason to jump on the blogging band wagon.