Thursday, July 5, 2007

Is it really July? Really? Are you sure??

Seriously, is it really July? I'm mean really! What happened to June?? And where did May go? So I thought that I'd have more time to lolly gag (a grandpa H term) around blogs and what-not when I'm part-time. But noooo! I'm busy cooking and cleaning and going to the gym (yes folks, I'm serious, a gym -with cardio machines and things that make your muscles sore!) and meeting friends for lunch and painting and and and anything but blogging! I have however finished a wonderful baby item that I cannot show you because it wont be presented to the recipient until a week from tomorrow. She's one smart cookie so I'm not posting it because it's a surprise!!

We are also moving soon to a quaint little town on the other side of the valley. The house is amazing! A-freakin-mazing!! A cottage/bungalow from 1928 that has been completely restored and updated. We have a pond in the backyard!! I am so excited! A dream house. A retreat. Away from the city. Perfect! However... I am dreading - I mean dreading with a capital D - the packing. (See April 11th's post - "My Boxes Exposed".) I think I may have had a childhood trauma with a cardboard box or was trapped in a room with severe clutter and un-organization or something because I seriously have a problem with packing things. And since I'm part-time now guess who has to pack everything? Yup. I'm having trouble breathing now. My emotional state is much better lately so hopefully I won't cry out of paralyzing anxiety. I'll keep you updated.

Oooo and my next post will have the long awaited baby item!! I can't wait to show you all!