Saturday, April 25, 2009

overdue updates

I just haven't been in the mood to blog so here's a brief update, in case you've been holding your breath.

Square foot garden: In progress. 2 out of the 4 boxes are complete, thanks to my amazing james. I've yet to buy the soil because we had an unexpected large car repair to deal with which ate into our budget by $500. Ouch. Why buy the soil, you ask? SFG requires a special mix of soil that never needs replacing (just a scoop of good compost when replanting a new crop), but I do have to buy it. It's a mix that will be virtually weed free and holds water incredibly well. There is no price to large for weed free gardening. Hopefully next week I can get started on the soil.
The seed starts are doing well! I have lots of lettuce, peppers and tomatoes. The onions did not do well for some reason. Here's their progress.

Aida: Dearest Aida has still been in timeout for the majority of the month. I did let her come out and play for some cookies to give to a friend but other than that, she has been admired from a far. The good news is, some (as in 10! -woo hoo!) of the unwanted pounds she contributed to have disappeared! Of course not as much as I'd like (Lake Powell only a few weeks away! Yikes!) but it's a good start. (Don't worry Rebecca - I have years of grand plans for Aida. She is still much appreciated!)

Soap: Two of three batches turned out. And much has been given as gifts. However, the coconut scented one is not presentable due to the fact it turns your hands brown. It doesn't stain, but I would worry it turning a hand towel brown or something awful like that. We didn't use the pigment right and it didn't mix in very well. I don't think I'll be using the pigments anyway, because I want the more natural colors in my soaps. I shall be making more soon! Just need to purchase olive oil. (Everything in my creative life cost money we don't have right now)
Oh speaking of soap, a friend of my mom's heard I was making soap and gave me some fascinating items! She used to help her family make soap and gave me a precious chunk of soap she'd made with her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law used it for laundry for most of her life!

The recipe calls for water, tallow and lye - just a basic good soap. Though she told me not to use it because it's pretty harsh. She also gave me some handmade powdered soap made by an Amish lady. Neat! I love those kind of nostalgic things.

Knitting: As of late, not much knitting has gone on around here. Still working on the green monkeys a bit though. #1 is almost done. I'm thinking of tackling another felt bag...we'll see.

Weather: The Spring weather is FINALLY here! We've had days- yes, I said days, of sunny and warm temperatures! It's suppose to be a bit chilly and rainy this weekend, but as long as it doesn't snow, I am a happy girl.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

afghans for Afghans tea party project

Had to blog about this as I eat my lunch, pardon the sloppiness and briefness!

I just read on the Mason Dixon Knitting blog about this amazing project by Afghans for Afghans:

Copied from the MDK blog:

"...Afghans for Afghans is going to be hosting a very special tea party in Kabul, for the 91 brave women who are members of Afghanistan's National Assembly, their parliament. Each member will receive a handknit shawl and also delicious tea. A4A director Ann Rubin explains:
'The purpose of the gift of shawl and tea party is to express our admiration for these courageous women, encourage their strength, and warm their hearts. We wish to do something kind and personal for these women leaders working hard -- and under tremendous hardship and obstacles -- to serve their constituents so that the people of Afghanistan can rebuild their war-torn country. These women lawmakers are powerful role models to many Afghan women and girls. These women need TLC, too, so they can continue taking care of their citizens.'"

I just love the fiber art community! So giving and thoughtful.

Here's a video about it.

Here's the link to the MDK blog to read more.

Oh and get this fact: Afghan government 25% female. US Congress 17% female. (What the??!!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

snow in Spring super sucks

This picture was taken earlier this morning. Just two weeks ago I was lounging in that snow covered chair admiring the garden box that my james built and planning for the plants I am suppose to be planting today. Oh and I even got a bit of a sun burn that day, too. Today, however, I'd only get frost bite if I sat in that thing!

I'm not one to complain too much about the snow (comparatively speaking, mind you--it seems like everyone I run into is grumpy about this weather--more so than the economy) because I know we desperately need the water, but now I'm getting a bit annoyed. I feel a bit stir crazy, which is weird for me because I can usually spend days in my house and not even notice it has in fact been days. I can usually keep myself plenty busy with sewing, knitting, baking, soap making, reading, the usual household chores, even treadmilling, but today I want OUT! I want to actually clean out my flower beds and mix soil for my garden. Usually I just like to do the fun stuff--plant flowers, enjoy the pond, BBQ, etc. I'd even mow the lawn or weed if it were possible. The only thing I can do outside today is shovel snow. Blah. I refuse to. I took this picture instead. So that when it's so hot outside and we're trapped indoors just to stay cool, I'll have something to remind me of the day I was actually complaining when I probably should have been thankful for that freezing, fluffy stuff.