Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring is springing with tiny things!

I have finished off more tiny knitted items.

More baby socks by request of a proud momma.

Sartjee's Booties that I'm not too sure I like. The ends are all weird to weave in and the little loop for the button is no too cute up close. The picture does not do the flaws justice.

I've also been doing some felting. I have a lot of wool odds and ends in my stash that I want to use up so I've been trying some patterns for some felted bowls.

So that's about it for recent projects. I've started a felted bag and toying with the idea of some bibs for gifts from the Mason Dixon book.

Other than all that knitty goodness I've been getting into soap making! "What in the world made you want to make soap Becca?" you ask? Well, I recently heard a podcast from (I love that Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood) and I really wanted to try it. I just imagined myself surrounded by potions and fragrances and not to mention dangerous, caustic lye so with a mad scientist grin... I just had to try it! So my mom and I signed up for a class at downtown. It's a two part class. The first class was Wednesday where we learned all about the cold-process technique. It was quite interesting. Next week we will actually be making soap! Yea! I'm excited for soapy goodness now! I'll post pictures when the soap is ready.

It's a beautiful spring day so I'm off to sweep my porch off of all the winter filth.