Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For the love of home baked goodness

This yummy creation is called a galette. Don't ask me how to pronounce it but it's way easy to make. Just take your favorite pie crust recipe and your favorite pie filling - this was apple - place the crust on a baking stone and pile the filling in the middle. Wrap the side over and bake for 30 minutes at 375 and voila -- mouth happiness on the quick.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Nice horse...I mean dog

I must show you all our new addition...this is Bosco, a.k.a - horse, big dog, giant mess of drool.

He is half bull mastiff and half English mastiff, meaning really BIG dog who doesn't know how BIG he really is. He's just over 100 lbs and will maybe get to 130 -150 within the next 2 years. My James says he will be full grown in 3 years. yikes. That's kinda scary considering our tiny house. But boy do we adore him.

On the knitting front...

I have knitted up a few odd items here and there but gave them away before I could get good photos of them...oh well. You'll just have to imagine an amazing slouchy hat and bobbled dishcloths in a yummy, buttery yellow and bright red...ahhh beautiful huh?

For the love of cookies (a new saying I picked up from our friend Nick) she's crocheting!

Yes, I'm crocheting. Nothing fancy because of my amazing left-handed-ness (ha!) just a half-double crochet -- I think that's what it is -- don't hold me to it if you are a crochet expert. Anyway, I have so much left over odds n ends worsted weight 25% wool 75% acrylic yarn that I decided to use it up for this fabulous blanket.

It's great to take to knitting nights because it requires so little concentration that I can talk about the most intense topics and not miss a stitch!

Next project?? CANNING! Eeee gads! I'm a bit nervous for this project. I've NEVER canned before and I'd hate to screw up precious farmer's market produce for a crappy batch of salsa.

Project on the back burner? Soap making. Sadly soap making is an expensive initial investment. But I will hopefully be making some for Christmas gift. Better save my quarters!

I'll leave you with a pict of big dog and little dog in a rare moment of togetherness. (Usually Sebastian stays far away from Bosco.) Please note: little dog's head is quite large for his little body which makes his entire body look deceivingly larger in pictures straight on. Technically Bosco is about 11 times bigger than dear Sebastian.