Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Lyrics to a song I'm loving right now and some picts I've taken this summer...

I am radiant, spotless, blameless, beautiful
You delight in me
I am holy, shameless, shining, glorious
You are smiling at me

Irresistible to You
I feel Your hand on me
Irreplaceable, my heart’s a
Treasure that You keep

Precious pearl so worth the price
You call me like You see
I am who You say I am
And You’re alive in me!

I am the move of God prophesied
I am a dead man raised – I’m alive
I carry an open heaven over my life
I am Your kingdom come
Your lovely bride

I am radiant, spotless, blameless, beautiful
You delight in me
I am holy, shameless, shining, glorious
You are smiling at me

-Radiant by Ramey Whalen

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

labor day lessons

This Labor Day I have learned...

...sheepdogs in their full glory are so incredible they can bring a tear to one's eyes. We got a hold of some free tickets to the National Sheepdog Championships in the beautiful Soldier Hollow. The last time I was there was for the 2002 Olympics Cross Country event. I had forgotten how beautiful the Midway area is. Like the land storybooks are made of.
We arrived on the scene to a crowd of about 3 or 4 thousand people silently watching a boarder collie and his handler perform in top form.

I was amazed at the silence of this size of crowd! Maybe that's just protocol--as with golf and tennis crowds. The whole competition was about how well the dog and handler heard sheep from the hillside, through narrow gate openings and then sorts out marked sheep, which is called shedding, from the larger flock. And then put that smaller group in a pen. All without actually touching or nipping at the sheep.

I know, it sounds boring but in action is quite amazing. When I saw the first dog eagerly react to his handlers whistles and hand signals, it was like I got a glimpse of what this dog was truly made for. It was a demonstration of obedience, submission, trust and pure love.

.... not only is pressure cooker canning (of which I have yet to brave) a dangerous task, but water bath canning is also quite hazardous. In cooking up a glorious batch ginger peach jam this weekend, I now have a nasty pea sized burn above my left eye to go along with the steam burn on my left arm I got last week which is just under a burn I got from the lip of the canner a few weeks ago. I'm sure my bakery co-workers wondered what happened to the self-proclaimed boring "quite" newbie (I have deemed myself boring because I do not seem to lead a drama filled life as most everyone there seems to and they have deemed me as "quite"-which I have heard many times in my life). Especially if they've noticed the burns on my left arm. I can only imagine their minds exploring all possibilities of what my life is really like.

... having my james cook the main dish while having friends each bring yummy side dishes, yields a much more enjoyable time of backyard gatherings for me. I did make a peach galette with homemade whipped cream, but that is easy shmeezy considering the usual dining fare I attempt to create.

... in the past this holiday has been one of those weird holidays I don't understand but capitalize on the time off from work, but this year I realized it is a celebration of the American laborer. We did indeed celebrate - human and canine alike.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the season is over

Me plus working 40+ hours a week does not equal a lot of blogging time. Always an excuse, I know. But seriously, how do you people with full time jobs do it? I barely have the energy to clean, keep the lawn watered, spend time with friends and oh, the laundry beast has exponentially multiplied. This past week it really hit me; followed by a dramatic melt down with tears and all. My james said he's been waiting for it to happen. He knows me so well. I think my body and emotions are finally saying, "Whoa! What happened? Why are we running around so crazy busy lately?" My hands have been longing for the needles and my feet the coolness of my craft room basement floor. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that the treasured season of rest and discovery is over. I'll get over it. I'll find a new rhythm. I must. I know this gift of time was to prepare me for something. What that is, I have yet to find out.

OK enough with the self analyzing already!

As an outlet for some creativity and to get a head start on Christmas gifts, I've been canning. Don't ask where I have found the time and energy. I really don't know. (Actually I think I stole it from the laundry beast because there are several mounds of dirty clothes of which I just noticed are roaring loudly at me.) Anyway I was generously blessed by some friends with a box of peaches from their tree! So what did I do yesterday after a full day of work? I cranked out several jars of Ginger Peach Jam. Here's the recipe I used. And yes, it is Grand Champion caliber if you as me.

Now I'm off for an hour of taming the laundry beast, wish me luck. Then off to the busy bakery!