Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am finally me.

Before I get all nostalgic about another 10 years wizzing by, I must tell you about a certain frogging incident...yes folks I had to sacrifice a WIP that I was not fond of, for its precious Noro yarn to make another Rhythm scarf. The Argosy scarf has been sitting dormate for months and I just don't like to pattern for some reason. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful pattern but I'm dying to see the colors of it in the Rhythm design.

So 30 is actually feeling great! I'm ready for another decade of who know's what! 10 years ago I was venturing into an engagement to my high school sweetheart and not knowing that I was in for rough waters and a stormy adventure of finding who I was. A job in the medical field, a trip to Ethiopia, one to the jungles of Borneo, and one to Italy, a teaching stint at a daycare, a spouse dealing with meth addiction, a battle with anxiety and depression, a divorce and then rounding the corner with finally getting to know who I really was and facing my fears, I ended my twenties married to an amazing man and realizing what marriage is SUPPOSE to be and that I'm not defined by what I do or who I'm married to.

I learned so many lessons in my 20's and realized how to love without being a doormat and that all the heartache I went through was worth it to find that I know who I am! I am me. I am loved. I am creative. I am light in the darkness. I am worthy. I am a good cook. I am not perfect and don't ever need to be. I am captivated by my creator. And he is captivated by me. I am Becca. So now I kinda wanna break out into a soulful rendition of "I AM WOMAN!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've been busy!

Yes, I've been busy knitting! It's been so freaking cold here that it's all I can do to keep warm. (Good excuse huh?) So here are two of my FO's:

Enterlac Hat that does not fit my ginormous head.

And here's the Rhythm Scarf. It's been felted a bit which really does make it nice and soft but it didn't shrink much at all. I love NORO!I've also casted on a sweater for my Yorkie, Sebastian. Like I said, it has been so cold here that when we go outside he play for 2 minutes and then sit and shiver begging to go back inside. So my manly husband, who does not approve of doggy attire, is letting me knit a fantastic cable sweater for him. Bless his big manly heart!

The other project I've completed is a charming hand bag from Amy Carol's book Bend the Rules Sewing. I'm hoping my dear friend Lisa will like it as much as I do. It's a birthday gift for her. I added a felt humming bird rather than the suggested ribbon because I just didn't have any that I liked with the fabric I had.

OK well, enough to the post office.

PS Count down till I'm 30 is down to 2 days people! 2 days! Ahhh!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's a new year? I need a new hat then!

Yea! It's 2008! I expect good things outta this year.
  • I'll still be working part-time this year and I'm currently still loving it. Well Christmas was a bit hectic at work but I survived and made it through Christmas Eve.

  • We are tentatively planning a trip to the UK with a few days in Ireland! I'm so praying this will happen. Some good friends of mine have been begging us to visit before they move back to the states in December. Hopefully we'll make it around October or November. Oh I love international travel! I haven't been out of the country since the spring before we got married and I'm dying to get the &?%$ outta Dodge!

  • New knitting projects are on the needles! I found this great pattern for a scarf and hat at the Unraveled Sheep by a local designer. Here's the start of the scarf. Yes, it's Noro Silk Garden. The pattern calls to felt it a bit because it makes it softer yet the silk won't let it shrink too much.
    The hat is and Entrelac pattern. Gulp. I'm a bit nervous for that but I hope to tackle it soon.

  • A new year calls for a new hat! Here's my new cable & rib beanie. (Yep, if you're looking closely I AM still in my pajamas. And no, I'm not giving you the evil eye. It's just a crappy picture.) I knit it with Rustic Wool that is Superwash. I actually have a really big head and I have to keep tugging it down. I rarely wear beanies that I've made, but I really love this hat.

  • Deep breath...ready? I'll be turning the big 3-0 this year! In just a few weeks as a matter of fact. I'm sure it will be better that turning 29. That was crappy because, hey, it's your very last year in your 20's. Depressing. But it's my first year in my 30's so it will be grand. I'll MAKE it grand if I have to.

  • I've also joined Ravelry and I think I'm really liking it. If you're a member just click on my link on the sidebar. You can see details of the hat above.