Saturday, March 13, 2010

day 7 :: 30 days of beauty

beautiful gerbera daisy on an otherwise dreary day - gift from my beautiful momma

Sunday, March 7, 2010

day 6 :: 30 days of beauty

pining for Summer today with a yummy, peach galette

Saturday, March 6, 2010

day 5 :: 30 days of beauty

making my bed this morning I stopped to admire the beautiful
handwork on my vintage pillowcases - cherished, family heirlooms

Monday, March 1, 2010

bit o' bird drama

There was a bit of bird drama here yesterday and if you know me personally or have been following my blog at all, you know my love for birds and that it runs in the family (you can read a bit about that here). After yesterday, I'm happy to report my bird love is rubbing off me and onto my james. Here's how it all went down...

I was looking out our back window marveling at how many birds were in the backyard bellying up to the ol' bird feeder and happily bathing in the pond. I called james over to marvel with me when he noticed there seemed to be a feathered friend struggling in the water. Before I could even suggest he go out and check on it, he was out the door to the rescue. I mean he ran it out the door--didn't even put shoes on!

There was indeed a bird drowning in the pond. James "fished" him out with a little net we, for some reason, had leaning against the back of the house. He gently laid him on a rock and we hoped he would just shake it off and fly away. After about 15 minutes of hoping, he was still just sitting there--not moving at all, just "panting".

By this time I was really upset. I absolutely HATE seeing creatures suffer, especially birds. Thinking back on my novice birding experience, and knowing that birds need warmth when they are in shock, I suggested we move him to a warmer place at the side of the house in the sun. James carefully moved him. After about 20 minutes at that location he was still just laying there, shallowly breathing. Oh this was horribly hard for me to watch! I was really nervous he would just give up and die or that a cat would get him or he would just freeze to death. Yes, I know that everything has its time to die but I did not want to witness this little guy's demise.

While james sat by I went into the house and did what any modern bird lover would do and googled "what to do for a bird that almost drown". Seriously--that was my exact phrase. I came upon a web site of a "bird rehabilatator". The web site suggested to get a box with a lid, line it with a towel, place the bird in the box with a heating pad under it to keep it warm and set it in a dark quiet place for a few hours then check on the bird and go from there. We did just that and left for dinner at my folks house.

I was dreading coming home because I did not want to find the bird dead, which I knew was more than likely. However...when we did return home james, my hero, looked in the box. NO BIRD TO BE FOUND! He had crawled out of the holes on the side!! Hooray!!!

Regroup. OK. So the next feat was to find the bird. I quickly realized we may have celebrated prematurely and a bit of dread soon came over me because I knew it was more than likely the bird freaked out and was hiding behind the fridge or some random place stressing out and would die.

After about 10 minutes of frantically searching I found him in a plant on top of a cupboard in the kitchen....and miracle of miracles he looked like a completely different bird!! I'm not kidding. When james put him in the box he had to literally prop him up with the towel because he was so weak he couldn't stay upright on his own.

I finally recognized he was a beautiful house finch. When we met eyes he ever started chirping!! James and I were thrilled and baffled at how this little guy made it!

Here's a little video of him flying around the house.

After a good half hour or so, he finally perched himself on top of the box lid which by yet another miracle, I slowly carried out the front door. From there he flew into the big elm tree in front of our house.

WHEW!! What a relief I tell you! Oh and it's good to know my hubby has a soft spot for creatures and the guts to deal with my sometimes over the top emotions for bird life.