Sunday, October 10, 2010

and so here is fall

Welp, I was right. The 30 days of beauty project did take me until the fall to get 'er done. But I'm glad I finished it. I even received a Beautiful Blog "award" by another blogger. Super cool, huh?

Fall is in full swing around here and with fall brings our anniversary. This weekend, we celebrated our 4th year. Yea Team O'Bryan! Every year gets better and better. Seriously. Sounds cliche, but true. To celebrate, we got away from the city for a few nights and stayed in a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright style home in Park City. (James knows the owners. They were away for the week and they graciously let us stay there.) What a treat to wake up with a nice steam in the steam room! A little grand piano playing and knitting and leisure reading here and their. A gallery stroll? Why yes, thank you. The owners have quite the art collection. And of course we did get some tv time in on one of their many giant screen tvs. We looked for a hiking trail to enjoy the beautiful fall colors, but it was muddy and freezing so we decided for a yummy coffee instead. We also ate at O'Shucks/Ahh Sushi. O'Shucks is downstairs, Ahh Sushi is up. You can order from either. 1/2 price sushi at 5pm. Yes! Could there be a better place for us to celebrate? I think not. It was a great weekend and a much needed mini vacation for us.

It's time to get back into the rhythm of the season. Knitting, holidays soap making (excited to try a new fragrance - Bay Rum), bulb planting - a first for me, preparing the house and garden for the winter, tea enjoying, unfortunately not a lot of baking though...I got a great deal on a gym membership so there will be some getting-in-shaping instead. They have tvs there, people! Lots of them! (I know, I know! I talk about tv as if it were food but hey, try living without one for a spell.)

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