Saturday, October 23, 2010

attention knitters and crocheters!

I'm jumping in the holiday knitting season with an idea that's been brewing since Spring...

I have a friend, Jes.
Jes and her friend, Michelle, are midwives headed to India.
They will be joining up with a monumental project.
A Maternal and Infant Health Care Project in Bihar.
Bihar has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world.
Jes, Michelle, and their team will be providing holistic pregnancy, birth & post-partum care, and education in 40 rule villages throughout Bihar.

I'm not a midwife.
I don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars to give to this cause.
I am a friend who knits and has some extra yarn lying around.
I have several friends that knit.
I have an idea.

Last year I had been doing some knitting for the Knit One Save One project for Save the Children, which sounds a bit similar to what Jes will be involved with in regards to reducing the infant mortality rate around the world through basic care and education. I really enjoyed being able to use my talent and give in this way, but kept wondering if there was some other organization or ministry I could do this for--one I had a personal connection to. Then in May, I received a newsletter from Jes and without really thinking I quickly sent her an email asking if the donation of handmade knitted/crocheted infant hats would be something useful and worth the effort. She quickly replied with an excited YES! This is a great idea and that her and Michelle had prayed specifically that God would give people creative, out of the box ways to parter up with them.

As of today, Jes is still in New York awaiting her visa (pray it comes through quickly!), but just emailed me saying she'd like to get the ball rolling on this anyway, and that she has a New York contact that will be meeting up with them in India mid-January and will be happy to take hats in their luggage.

All that to say, if you'd like to knit up or crochet a few infant hats with me, let me know and I'll arrange to gather them up and mail them off to New York! My goal is to send them out the last week of December.

Here are some basic guidelines:
-Use any infant pattern you want (there are LOTS of free patterns out there - google it)
-Use a soft, washable yarn
-Pray for the mother and baby and their family
-You may include a personal note to them as well

You can read more about Jes and Michelle and their India project at their website:


Marnie said...

I am so excited!

becca said...

I'm excited you're excited, Marnie :)