Monday, January 10, 2011



That is the number of baby hats I sent off to New York last week for the Infant Hats for India Project. Actually there were 48 turned in by the deadline, but I just had to make it an even 50 before I dropped them in the mail and, because it's faster, I FINALLY figured out how to crochet! Gasp! Yes, it took a project like this, and several youtube tutorials for lefties to teach myself.

The interest was so high (some even learned to knit for the very first time just for this project!!!) I think I'll do another mailing sometime in March, but before you send them my way, I need to ask Jes if it would be better to have people send the hats directly to her in India or to just keep sending them to me...I'll keep you posted.

Thanks everyone for helping out! Knitters and crocheters truly have giving hearts.

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