Wednesday, December 3, 2008

lots of knitting but no picts for proof

Although my postings have been non-existent lately, I have indeed been knitting. However, I do not have photos to prove it because 1. I have already given the knitted items away for birthday gifts and such or b. I will be giving them for Christmas and don't want to ruin any surprises for those that read this. So, instead, I will post a lovely photo of the flowers we gave my mom for her birthday.

I also baked a Sunshine Cake for her that my dad absolutely loves. So much so that he called me up yesterday just to tell me not to change the recipe --ever (something my mom is notorious for - sorry mom but it's true). So I guess he'll be getting one for his birthday next month. Even though he doesn't seem to remember that my mom has made this cake many times in the past--where do you think I got the recipe...

In other James turned 30 last Sunday. Welcome to "Club 30" babe! While he did total boy stuff (went to the desert to shot guns with Lance), I baked attempt #2 of his chocolate birthday cake. Yes #2. The first cake made from scratch the day before was a complete disaster. I've never in my life had such a problem with a simple chocolate cake! It had too much baking soda or something because it turned into a giant mess in my oven. Overflowed like a volcano. So a made-from-the-box cake it was. I did make the chocolate frosting though. Later that night we had a quite little gathering with our closest friend, L & L and Nick and his Jina. We did a potato bar and Guinness, played Totally 80's Trivia, which was a long laborious almost impossible game, and enjoyed the attempt #2 chocolate cake. Yes, a total low key 30th bash and no fluff, upon request. My James insists that I NEVER have a big shindig for his birthday--EVER. Don't ask why I don't understand either. But it's fine with me. I think I'm out of my big-party-for-every-occasion phase.

Thanksgiving was spent in Denver with James' family. It was a quite lovely visit. However, I was kicking myself the whole time because I did not bring nearly enough knitting. What the eff was I thinking??! James was even shocked! Next time I tell you all I'm leaving on a trip or vacation or whatever, please remind me of this lack of knitting of trip. I was finished with the project I brought along in mere hours--over half of which was done in the airport and on the plane.

OK now that we're all updated and whatnot (from most recent events backwards I just noticed)--how are those handmade Christmas gifts coming along everyone?

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Raelynn said...

i've missed your posts!!

and just for the record, i too, have had a horrible homemade cake fiasco. not fun. but, thank goodness for the instant when you need to have a back up. and sometimes, i need a back up. :)